terms of service

Agriko 'is a showcase of food specialties offered directly by the individual producer, food industry artisans chosen for the seriousness, competence and quality of production. The products are organized in shops, each one dedicated to the single producer, organized inside them in categories for a better and faster display. Product prices and delivery conditions are established directly by the individual manufacturer. Purchases must be made separately for each shop, they are not allowed in the same cart products of different manufacturers and the payment made goes directly to the single manufacturer from which the products were purchased. Before ending the purchase, if you have not already, you must register for free, complete the order by choosing the payment method and the desired shipping method, if required. With a single account you can access and buy in all Agriko '!.

Make your purchases in comfort, serenity, security and with a few clicks! By accepting these Terms of Service upon registration, you automatically accept Agriko's Terms of Sale.